1. Wearing a Belt as More Than an Accessory

First it was the suspenders, and then it was the belt. These materials were used as a solution for pants that didn’t fit properly, specifically when a tailor wasn’t available to alter the size. Today, belts are still very popular but they’re more of an accessory than anything.

If you find yourself relying on a belt to keep your pants from falling down, this is one of the sure signs your clothes are too big. It’s time to shop for a pair of jeans that will look great without the assistance of a belt. 


2. Slipping Out of Them Without a Second Thought

Unless you’re wearing a pair of sweatpants, you shouldn’t be able to slip out of your pants without making a major effort. The perfect pair of pants needs to be unbuttoned or unclasped before you start to take them off. If you can slide off your jeans without making these moves, it’s time to find a form fitting size. 

3. Bunching Your Pants at the Ankle

Shopping for pants can feel like a disaster when you’re a short individual. Even if you find a pair that fits seamlessly at the waist and thighs, it could be insanity at the ankles if you don’t buy in a short style. 

If you have to roll your pants more than twice (outside of making a style statement) then you need to consider a different pair of pants. If you’re wondering how to tell if pants are too big, wear them on a rainy day. If you find the ankles to be sopping wet, it’s time to invest in a short pair. 


4. Gapping at the Waist

Stand up in your favorite pair of pants. Is there a wide gap in the back?

Now sit down. Did the gap get even bigger? This is a sure sign that your pants are too big, and they’re likely showing your undergarments while you’re out and about. The simplest solution here is to shop for a pair that better fits the proportion of your body, because more than likely, the rest of your lower half fits the pair flawlessly. 

Even if you’re wearing high rise jeans, they shouldn’t gap at the waist too much. Perhaps your thighs fit your jeans perfectly, but the waist doesn’t seem to do the same. This can be easily fixed by a tailor so you can finally fit into your ideal pair of pants. 

5. Constantly Adjusting Your Pants

Is there anything more annoying than picking the front or back of your pants after sitting down for a long period of time, specifically when you’re out in public? This is a definite sign that it’s time to invest in a new pair of pants. 

Finding those perfect fitting jeans doesn’t have to be so difficult.

All of our pants come with a sizing guide so you can determine which styles work best for you. All you have to do is measure your bust, waist and hip to get a feel for your ideal pant leg style.